“1to9 FUN” Workshops

“1to9 FUN” Workshops are intended to make children more receptive to mathematics. The workshops are conducted online, where students interact live with the instructor as well with other students from across the globe. The workshops are conducted with fun puzzles and games in a light manner. The puzzles and games are particularly designed to introduce the students to a number of logical and mathematical concepts.

How it works

These puzzles and games encourage the students to think logically and mathematically. The mathematics part involves partitioning and factorization of small numbers, and attempts to solidify basic arithmetical concepts of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The children instinctively get used to doing small computations in their brain. This gains them several advantages – they develop a better number-sense; they get used to storing more information in their head, which is useful when they need to deal with complex problems; their computations become error-free, and they can devote more mental capacity to learning higher mathematical concepts.

More Information

How to join

Please leave a message below. Alternately you can email to , or DM me on Twitter @1to9puzzle. Pay only after the registration is confirmed.

For Teachers: Contact me if you’d like ‘1to9 FUN’ Workshops conducted for your students during school hours on weekdays.

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