What is a Mathematical Reasoning Score?

When you solve a puzzle, you get a Mathematical Reasoning Score. This score tells you how much of the puzzle you solved by using math thinking, instead of just guessing. If you get all the numbers right on your first try, you get a score of 100%. But if you make mistakes and try again, your score goes down.

What does it mean?

It shows how good you are at figuring out math problems and finding the right way to solve them.

Is it very exact?

Your score depends on the puzzle you just solved. Different puzzles have different difficulty levels, so it can change. The best way to know how good you are is to solve a few puzzles over time. If you solve puzzles for a whole week, you'll get a good idea of your skill.

Can you get better?

Yes! Try to solve more of the puzzle in your head before putting down digits. Be sure you're right before you enter a digit. If you practice solving these kinds of puzzles regularly, you'll get better at math reasoning and your score will improve.